Carveboard Testimonials


"This is the only board that has ever helped my surfing…"
- Dan Malloy


"Nothing on land brings you closer to the feeling of surfing…"
- Josh Mohr


"In my mind I'm surfing…its a visualization tool."
- Brad Gerlach


"This is gonna be the best training summer for me yet! I know what I'm
doing in the off season…when the snow sucks, Carveboard!"
- Mark Fawcett


"My surfing has gotten so much stronger since I started
training on my Carveboard…"
- Ryan Franz


"The Edison Surf Team is stoked on their new Carveboards. We had a camp-out over the weekend in Carlsbad, of all places, all day the surfers where going up and down the hills. We were able to work on certain areas of their surfing; pumping, cutbacks, bottom turns and upper body style…we just got acquainted with it with the boards. The kids were a little awkward at first, but once I told them to think of surfing they fell right in the groove. These boards will be a great training tool for our team."
- Zoaran Forgiarini Educator/Coach Edison High School

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